Sunday, May 31, 2009

Interesting early Seiko Quartz

For the past months, I gradually developed a keen interest in discontinued Seiko quartz movements. These new old stock quartz watches are totally unattractive in the eyes of the modern customer so they are sometimes not displayed in the showcases of watch shops. With much effort, I managed to uncover these early electronic gems and bring them home!
I begin to appreciate the earlier quartz movements mainly due to their accuracy and construction. More often than not, the second hand is always spot on the indices (something we always hope our quartz watches can achieve). The movements are generally more durable and consist of mainly metallic parts. In some models, there are even jewels which are unheard of in most quartz watches.
The 8M series quartz consist of countdown function, either for a fixed duration or a user-defined duration by simply turning the crown. The minute hand looks like a second hand and taking a quick glance, one may mistakenly think that there is no minute hand on the watch! In some models, there is also a chronograph function for stopwatch timekeeping (split timining allowed).
SEIKO Quartz Chronograph Sports Timer (NOS)
Caliber 8M32-8030

The Sports Timer allows the user to set countdown timing under "TIMER" mode. This is useful in a soccer game, for example, where you can count down to half time of 45mins (see the soccer man logo at 45?). If the user wishes to repeat the same countdown timing, he can select "RE TM". The user can also countdown prior to the start of the chrono using the "TM>CHRO" function. "CHRO" is the normal stopwatch function. By turning the crown back to "TIME", the hands magically returns to the original time! Amazing! A very cool little gadget showing the advancement of Seiko quartz technology during that time.

SEIKO Quartz Yacht Timer (NOS)
Caliber 8M35-6010 Four Jewels

The Yacht Timer was meant for sea regatta events where sea races are being competed. The countdown timer here is preset at 5-mins, 10-mins and 15-mins countdown. The most beautiful feature of this watch is the compass dial, giving the watch a very sea-expedition flavor! The strap shown is the actual Seiko factory shark skin leather suitable for wet conditions as on a boat with seawater splashing in.

SEIKO Quartz Yacht Timer Sports 150
Caliber 8M35-800A Four Jewels

Similar to the Yacht Timer above is this sporty counterpart in plastic bi-directional bezel and flat rubber strap. This version of the Yacht Timer is water resistant to 150m and is slightly bigger in dimensions than the dressier version.

All three are truly a piece of Seiko history I am proud to have in my watch collection!


relop7 said...


I also own this watch which I got from my dad when I was in high school. The watch is in perfect conditions and I wear it to work everyday since it is anti-magnetic.

Do you have any idea how much this watch is worth?



kohym said...

you can email me a picture?

Rudge said...

I have a SEIKO yacht timer 8M35-6010 that I have not worn for many years. I have put in a new battery and 'matched' the hands to 12 o'clock. Now I need to set the timers - they all have the hour hand at 12 and the minute hand at 3 with no beeps at all. I can't find the manual - we've moved house twice since I last wore it! Can you help?