Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Finally Found the "Bullet" & Bit the "Bullet"

SEIKO SKXA53 Diver's 200m "Black Bullet"
Caliber 7S26-02K0 Twenty-one jewels

This is one of my early "first love" into the Seiko brand. Somehow this "love" was shelved at the back of my head for years until recently I decided to embark on the search for her.
Skywatches has no stock of the Bullet, is too expensive for my pocket, Mustafa ran out of stock many months ago and no brick-and-motar watch shop (as far as my search covers) in Singapore carries it. Disappointed I am but I did not give up.
One evening I had an impromptu thought of searching People's Park area in Chinatown. Pleasantly surprised, I discovered the Bullet in a relatively unknown electrical appliances shop (not a watch shop). This shop happens to be selling some loose pieces of NOS Seiko, Alba and Citizen watches! As I did not have my loupe with me (better not take chances as this is afterall not a watch shop!), I returned the next day to score on this Bullet on rubber strap.
The friendly shop owner knew I had kept my word to come back again to purchase, she gave me two of her Seiko display stands for my collection needs. Thank you very much Mdm Tseng!

I quickly sold the Seiko rubber straps as my small wrist simply make wearing the long strap looks silly. This fire-engine red leather strap brings out the FUN element of this diver; perfect for Fridays and weekends.

Note the wordings found on the Bullet caseback to be "ST. STEEL"; which differs from the wordings "STAINLESS STEEL" found on most SKX series Divers.
Another strap option will be the Seiko President stainless steel bracelet. Maybe I should get the Orange Bullet to make this series complete...


Unknown said...

Hi! Chanced upon your blog when looking up my own black bullet diver - its giving me lots of enjoyment too! Mine was close to the last piece sold at Skywatches' brick and motar store with the president bracelet - truly comfortable to wear. Like you I'm now thinking of hunting for an Orange Bullet on a rubber strap - have you got yours yet? If not, would you like to search for one with me in tow? Would dearly like to learn from an experienced WIS like yourself! Hope to hear from you, and wear your collection in good health!

kohym said...

I have a Orange bullet on president bracelet brand new but no papers. If keen, email me. I also a blurblur WIS learning the ropes :) just that I started a bit earlier than you, we are on par.