Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mean Ugly Monster

SEIKO Black Monster 200m Diver's
Caliber 7S26-0350 Twenty-one jewels
It took me a while to warm up to the Monster look. Initially I hated this chunky heavy piece of stainless steel especially her non-conventional Divers bezel. As I grow wiser in my Seiko quest, I hear the praises Seiko collectors sing of the Black Monster and see the stunning photos captured by lovers of the Monster tradition.
Finally I pulled the trigger on my first Black Monster and am I impressed by the quality and make as I hold the heavy beast in my hands. One attractive feature is the design and substance of the solid stainless steel bracelet.
The bold-looking hands, the generous use of lume on the indices, the jet black dial, my favourite black day-date wheel and the mean looking bezel add to the inherent charm of this divers, which in my opinion, has attained "cult" status.


Anonymous said...

Hi Koh,

Wow, took you that long to get a Black Monster eh? :-) You know what they say - "better late than never", congrats!

BTW, I'm curious about the extra QC caseback sticker in your third photo. I've never seen this sticker before on non-JDM Seiko watches.

Did you buy this from an authorized dealer or was your BM a grey market watch?



kohym said...

yes, i bought it locally at a watch repair shop w/o warranty so it is definitely grey mkt stock.

Anonymous said...


just noticed you have changed the theme of your blog (the pic on top of each page)

somehow, missed the big, close-up LeLocle pic which looks so quaint as it greets visitors to the blog :-)


kohym said...

the theme is in line with my collection of Oris, Seiko and Orient!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply, Koh. I figured as much that the sticker didn't come from Thong Sia SG, but I was curious nevertheless.

Enjoy the Big Bad Boy in good health! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Nice blog btw! very organise and neat..
btw, I saw the picture of your(heading) blog pic.. Just wondering for that seiko is it a 007? and I am very curious where did you get that beautiful bracelet?


kohym said...

hi andy,

thanks for the encouragement!

btw that is a 009 but it looks like 007 as i took the pic in black white mode.

the bracelet is a seiko president bracelet but quite hard to find the bracelet sold in shops. luckily i bought two the other time - one for 009 and one for 007.

Anonymous said...

hi kohym,
Thanks for the information.. haha, didn't realise its a 009 until you told me..
Seiko president bracelet, Alright! Time to start hunting for that!