Monday, October 27, 2008

My Early SANDOZ Collection

The above two Sandoz watches were part of my early Swiss collection. I had earlier thought my collection direction to be entirely Swiss Made of sorts but has now changed. I am not implying Sandoz is a lousy brand, these are quality watches in fact. Well-crafted "Rolex" hommages for their humble price tags.
What remains in my watch box now are the below two Sandoz which I find to be evergreen designs in our rapidly changing watch fashion world.

So what exactly is the Sandoz brand about?
I extracted the below writeup from Reto's famous website, PMWF (Poor Man Watch Forum: Surf on to this fantastic site for more info on watches.
"The distribution and the use of the Sandoz name remains mysterious as there is no information available about the Sandoz History after 1971. It seems that the heirs of Henri Sandoz sold the right to use their name to Sandoz Far East Co. Ltd. which resides in Hong Kong. The same agreement seems to exist with Sandoz Singapore. ... .I found that Henri Sandoz was also the founder of "Tavannes Watch" in 1870. That date is used as the foundation date of Sandoz by all affiliated Sandoz watch companies or those that use the Sandoz name. There is no link between "Henri Sandoz" and the big "Sandoz Family Basel" (Pharmaceuticals), yet, they are often confused. If you say "Sandoz" in Switzerland, everybody thinks "Chemical Industry". If you say "Sandoz" in the Far East, everybody thinks "Watches" first."

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