Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some old stock SEIKO 7009

SEIKO5 Gold Tone
Caliber 7009 - model 8840 Twenty-one Jewels
Laser-etched "5" symbol on crystal at 6 o'clock mark

I picked up this old stock Seiko5 by chance at a watchshop. Coincidentally I had my loupe with me (now I always carry a loupe when I go watch hunting!) and the loupe revealed the 7009 movement number on the left of 6 o'clock. The full cased steel back with "Japan" on it confirmed her identity and age! Unlike the new gold plated watches commonly found these days, early Seiko watches are plated a dull matt finish with a brushed look and feel. This cuts down the bling effect of the watch, making it an easy choice for a daily beater.

The Seiko5 from this period has the Seiko5 "5" logo etched onto the crystal. It adds a nice touch to the watch, giving it an authentic flavour of the yester-years.
SEIKO5 Steel
Caliber 7009 - model 3160

with Inner 24-hr bezel on sunburst dial

This is another 7009 but in brushed steel finish. I bought it in another old watchshop. There were two of these 7009 lying in the showcase but passers-by simply ignored these "old-fashioned" Seikos?!? What a waste to be distracted by the new Kinetics! I bought both and sold one to a Singapore collector.

The inner black 24-hr bezel (which cannot be turned) contrasts the watch beautifully with the silver sunburst dial and gold indices and hands. The case shape is also from the retro days!
Saturday Night Fever, anyone?

One unique feature of the 7009 is that the day is changed by pushing the crown inwards. Another wonderful movement design by the Seiko engineers!


Anonymous said...

Hi Koh,

That 7009 of yours is indeed a nice find. It reminds me of my old SKXM15K 7s26 Seiko 5, same design except that mine had a black dial.

I didn't realize that 7009s could be manually wound. Great watch and congrats on the NOS piece. :-)



kohym said...

Hi Stratman,

I must have been day dreaming when I type this entry! I have checked and the 7009 DOES NOT HANDWIND. Thanks for pointing it out!

Anonymous said...

I have recently been given a Seiko 7009 8129 but can not find any info on this model. Can any one help me out?

Anonymous said...

i have seiko 7009-8880 281874 any idea what it is worth?

Unknown said...

Hi I have my grandmas Seiko watch gold and stainless still band ,black face with Seiko under the 5 bar no/12 /5 under the Seiko in a monogram and Automatic above the 1 bar no/6/black face / day / date .its number is 205921 - 6309-8900/A5,. With Z1027 on the clip on the top band ,cannot find any that look like this one ,works brilliantly and I wear it daily !

Regards and many thanks if you can find anything on it ,like how old is it and price. As I don't know if it's worth to be insured separately ?