Saturday, September 20, 2008

Evergreen Orients - Part 1/2

This is a two-parts series where I feature some evergreen Orients.
These timeless design evolved in the early 80s. During the time when Rolex watches were super-luxury goods directly associated with the "rich and powerful". In the late 70s early 80s, watches with Rolex influenced style appear. These watches (some Orients, Seikos, Citizens, Sandoz, Enicar, Octo etc) bear "trademarks" of Oyster bracelet, Jubilee bracelet, Submariner bezel, "bottle-cap" edged bezel etc. Many of such watches can still be seen now and they are priced economically to be used as beaters for the masses.
Here are two of such Orients:

ORIENT Full Day & Date President
Caliber 46E 21 Jewels
Full Day window at 12 o'clock

This is a Rolex-styled Orient. However the most oustanding (and perhaps beautiful) feature is the gold indices, hands and markings against a dark royal blue dial. There is a date magnifier, President bracelet, bottle-cap edged bezel and a 37mm case - a close Rolex homage.

For a period of time, I tried to sell this Orient. But I have long withdrawn the FS ad as I treasure the significance of this watch design on the horological timeline.
Who knows, one day, Orient may decide to produce all watches with clear caseback. When that time comes, steel caseback watches will be a rarity!

ORIENT Day-Date Jubilee (NOS)
Caliber 469 Twenty-One Jewels

This is another Rolex influenced Orient. The 469 Caliber is characterized by the push button at 2 o'clock. This cycles the Day window.

There is a word "Crystal" above 6 o'clock which I believed means the glass is a crystal material?

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