Saturday, August 9, 2008

SEIKO Chronograph Automatic 6138 "UFO"

SEIKO Chronograph Automatic
Caliber 6138-0011 Twenty-One Jewels

Together with the 6139 Helmet, I purchased this heavy 6138 UFO in original (but not original to this watch) Seiko solid stainless steel bracelet.

There was a period when I tried to put her up for sale. A kind gentleman from the fora emailed me to stop me from selling away "a part of Seiko's history". I dug deeper into the background of the 6138 and realised her value and the durability of the movement in her massive solid steel casing. I withdrew my sale and I am glad I did that!

After a complete overhaul by a watch repairer, I felt relieved and confident to use her as my daily beater. I am now awaiting NOS hands from Malaysia Seiko service centre. I have also tasked the old watch shop to keep a lookout for any solid 19mm straight lugs stainless steel NOS Seiko bracelet.

She is definitely a keeper!


Benjamin said...

nice :) i have the same but it doesn't seem to keep very good time now. do u have a good watch repairer to recommend in Singapore?

the CR critic said...

you used a perforated racing strap. what size is this? 18, 19, or 20 mm? thanks.

kohym said...

iirc, i squeezed in a 20mm. the lug width is 19mm though.