Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Pair of Digitals in my collection

CASIO 200m Surfing Timer Sliderule (NOS)
Digital quartz caliber DW-7000
Produced circa 1989
200M Water Resist with mathematical sliderule bezel
I bought this recently at an old watchshop. My hunt for NOS quartz watches led me to this particular watchshop where these types of watches are aplenty. Overall a very clean and classic watch with Stop watch and Countdown functions. The case is also full steel and has standard 20mm lugs which make future strap change very convenient.
I think this watch will make a good travelling mate and I intend to wear her during my Europe honeymoon where rail timings are crucial!
CASIO 45-minute Timer
Digital Quartz Caliber W-731H
Purchased in 1999
This used to be my Triathlon watch but the rubber strap broke and I hooked her on a black NATO. Now this watch is used my my younger sister for her sporting activities or for academic exams.
In my opinion, Casio digital watches are real workhorses. You wear them, beat them, soak them; and they still run properly. True, reliable beaters!

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Anonymous said...

Real watch collectors always have Casios, and they always appear fond of them. As for the rest, I have been happily reading your posts, admiring the 6138, 6139, Bellmatics, old Rolexes, 2824-2 and the rest of the talent.

I only have one question: how on earth do you sell them? I suppose you take a few deep breaths and let the contemplation of the new watch you will buy dull the pain.

Lately I have been geting some of my oldies wearable rather than buying still more. The Bellmatic has had its first wrist day for years, and I contemplate getting my beloved 6138 serviced. What would life be like if a few more of my 6139s worked?

Do you get torn between watches? I have trouble deciding what to wear. How do we decide between a lovely old watch and a whole lot of other lovely old watches? And beaters - whether cheap or less cheap, there is a small army fighting to ride on my wrist.

What problems we watch collectors have! Still, better those than real problems.