Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An Oriental Rainbow

ORIENT 3-Star SK Diver Automatic (NOS)
Caliber 469 Twenty-One Jewels
Bi-directional inner bezel
This Orient never fails to put a smile to my face - she is simply so refreshing in her vibrant colors coupled with a vintage copper color dial! My understanding of the meaning and usage of the inner bezel has got to do with the relationship between dive time and non-decompression depths. I am no diver but I remember Mr. Reto from PMWF.com explained graphically the use of this inner bezel in his site. The domed crystal will be a scratch-magnet so I supposed she is safer to stay in the watch box!

Again another NOS which I was fortunate to have purchased three of them! I sold one to a lady in the States and the other locally. Now I keep this piece with my other NOS Orients.


Ivailo said...

I have a question.DO you know for a model "SK Diver" but without a date and not with 21Jewels , not Automatik?Tis one i'm going to buy is 17jewels and with smaller buttton for the time and nowere's on the 'engine' write "ORIENT",it doesn't have a strap.
The price is about 30$
To buy ,or not to buy ?

kohym said...

It will be good you email me a picture.

Anonymous said...

Looks abit gay but would be better if sapphire was standard.