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ORIENT Watch Co Japan

ORIENT Watch Co Timeline in Brief

  • 1901(1901) The age and Goro of founder Yoshida establish the Yoshida clock shop in Tokyo Ueno, and the import sales of a foreign clock begin. At first, it was a sales line as the special agent of Seikosha.
  • Manufacturing the pocket watch case begins in around 1913.
  • The Orient clock factory is established in cooperation with 1920(Taishou era 9) age, this company exclusive factory, and Urawa clock side factory, and it starts the Otokei manufacturing.
  • Start of manufacturing of 1934 (The Showa era 9) age and wristwatch.
  • 1936(1936) The Tokyo Hino factory is established as a wristwatch factory in the age and the Yoshida clock shop. It converts to the munition industry according to the Pacific War inside and the war body pose.
  • 1945(1945) It restarts by the age and the end of the war the clock manufacturing.
  • 1946(1946) The age, the Orient clock labor union federation inauguration, and the industrial strike are prolonged. So-called "Tail dispute".
  • 1949(1949) Age and Hino factory dissolution.

Orient Watch Co., Ltd. age

  • 1950(1950) It is production activation as debt Tama meter Ltd. as for the age and the Hino factory facilities.
  • 1951(1951) The name of the company is changed to the age and Orient Watch Co., Ltd.. Typical brand "Oriental star" is put on the market.
  • 1952(1952) The age and the Hino factory property right are acquired.
  • 1953(1953) The age and the headquarters are moved from Hino to Chuo Ward Kyobashi.
  • 1956(1956) The age and the headquarters are moved to the Chiyoda Ward Kanda Matss town.
  • 1959(1959) The commercial firm part is separated for the age and the sales mechanism strengthening, and Oriental commercial firm Ltd. is started.
  • 1961(1961) It lists the age and Tokyo Stock Exchange secondarily.
  • 1966(1966) The age and Oriental commercial firm Ltd. are closed, and Orient Watch Co., Ltd. succeeds the business.
  • 1970(1970) It is new factory building completion in the age and the Hino factory site.
  • 1973(1973) Age, Sharp Corp., and master agreement conclusion concerning production and sales of digital quartz.
  • 1978(1978) It is O.R.TIME(HK) LTD in the age and Hong Kong . Establishment.
  • 1981(1981) Precision Ltd. of the clock (present Yutees Ltd.) after the wing is established in the town after the age and the wing of Akita Prefecture.
  • 1986(1986) Precision the Akita Orient Ltd. is established in the age and Akita Prefecture Yuzawa City.
  • 1989(1989) The age and the domestic production base are transferred to precision the Akita Orient Ltd.
  • Third-party allocation of shares execution by 1997 (The Heisei era 9) age and Seiko Epson Ltd. undertaking. Seiko Epson Ltd. becomes a largest shareholder.
  • 2001(2001) The headquarters and it integrates it the move to Chiyoda Ward Sotokanda from Hino City the age and the headquarters. Third-party allocation of shares execution by Seiko Epson Ltd. undertaking. The holdings ratio of Seiko Epson Ltd. becomes 52% and it becomes the subsidiary company of this company.
  • 2003(2003) It corresponds to the age and criteria for delisting of Tokyo Stock Exchange, and our stocks are delistings from second in the Tokyo Stock Exchange market.

(Extracted from Hokkaido Wrist Watch Museum website)

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