Wednesday, August 13, 2008

FORTIS - Then & Now

Caliber ETA2836-2 Twenty-Five Jewels
38mm x 38mm case

"The concept of the FORTIS SQUARE watch results from a discussion and eventual partnership between the manufacturer and SWISS International Airline" - adapted from FORTIS catalog 2007.

The FORTIS Square was one of my most beloved timepieces. Carefully and rarely worn. Somehow the case did not sit well on my small wrist. I eventually sold her to the freezing Alaska where she is still loved and missed by me from sunny Singapore!

Well, there is only one FORTIS left here in my collection; well not really actually, as this FORTIS Handwinder shown below is my fiancee's daily beater!

FORTIS Ladies Handwinder (bought NOS)
Caliber unknown
17 Jewels Incabloc

I bought the final two of these NOS handwinders from an old watchmaker here. I sold one and gave the other to my fiancee. A classic evergreen timepiece that keeps excellent time. The only inconvenience? You have to wind her every morning. I call this watch-bonding.

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