Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Russian Love Affair - CCCP Russian Navy

I thought it will be good to have at least one watch from Russia.

And so during my early trial days at TZ, I bought a Russian Hand-Winder and called her the CCCP Russian Navy. This was one of the first time I did Paypal online purchase! I could never forget the excitement receiving an overseas package.

The CCCP Russian Navy had a 35mm with jet black dial with Arabic numerals and a Red star. The silver hands were thin and the ticking of the movement was crisp. Till today, I never knew the meaning of the Cryllic wordings on the dial.
Even though she has been sold and is happily in someone else's watch collection, my desire for Russian timepieces remain.

Another Russian piece I once owned is this Poljot Alarm. It has a beautiful gold finished case and I thought it went really well with the black croc leather strap. The alarm function is fun to play with. It was some time after this Poljot been sold, that I picked up another very good condition Seiko Bellmatic. Mechanical alarm watches never fail to thrill!

I was at Red Army Watches @ Republic Plaza and was particularly interested in the Aviator and a pocket-watch convert (which I forgot the brand). They are selling in the range S$600+.

Maybe next time when funds permit, I will pull the trigger.


Anonymous said...

The meaning of the word "офицерские" is "army oficer's", "commander's"

Stasiek said...

Actually, it just means "officer's" not "army officer's".