Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ball Fireman Ionosphere Chronograph

This Ball Fireman Ionosphere Chronograph was a gift from Dad's overseas friend. As I am not yet into this brand, I have decided to put it up FS at 40% off RRP!!??.

Hopefully from the sale, I can pull the trigger on an Oris BC3 Chronograph.

Our country's Great Singapore Sale is ongoing currently but sadly, there are still no takers for this BNIB watch.

But I am confident it will be sold off soon. So much confidence I actually packed the watch and remind myself everyday to make the sale happen!

As I look at this watch, I recalled that it was one of my shortlisted brands together with the Tag Heuer. Guess I still cannot warm up to the "gas tubes" technology. But I do not mind having the Ball Chronometer Cleveland Express and the Cannonball series into my collection.

Maybe later.


Anonymous said...

my first ever mechanical watch is the Ball Hydrocarbon Magnate purchased in April 2008

in fact, the Ball watches were the ones that triggered my interest, curiosity and craze into the world of horology

been using it as my daily beater till a week ago when i got the black mako; time for the Magnate to take a short break


Anonymous said...

Do you still have this for sale?