Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A tired Diver

I was browsing some watch shops in Lucky Plaza during lunch and saw this unassuming Citizen Diver NY-2300 in the showcase. Age has caught up with this watch as can be seen by the faded bezel insert - the red has turned pick. It is no wonder this watch sat quietly among the shinier and more high-tech Eco-Drives.
I asked to have a look and indeed this is an old piece which was still fully made in Japan at that time. The caseback and hologram sticker is a dead giveaway with the words "JAPAN" and "GN". I do not know what "GN" means but this is definitely consistent with the earlier Crystron and Aqualand series.
Of course the shopkeeper was happy someone finally bought this old tired Diver from his showcase, another Eco-Drive can now take over this spot!

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