Sunday, September 16, 2012

Planet Ocean

After selling my Planet Ocean 8500, I am very lucky to find a brand new 2500 that I have been hunting for. I chanced upon her in a brick-and-mortar shop and it was going for a very good price considering she is an old discontinued model.

I prefer the jet black bezel insert on the 2500 compared to the "washed out" new ceramic bezel on the 8500. The 2500 dial looks a charcoal greyish black. Although some may prefer applied numerals and logo on the 8500, I prefer painted ones in this case as it pops more from the matt dial.

Recently I added a Raynox Super Macro conversion lens to my GF1 as the in-built macro mode is limiting how close I can get to the object. The close-up shots turn out quite satisfactory for an simple amateur like me.

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Unknown said...

hi there,

care to share where you found this 2500 and how much you got it for?