Friday, September 10, 2010

True Diver tradition

SEIKO 6105 Diver
Caliber 6105-8110 Seventeen jewels
Hacking movement
Water Resist 150m
Dated: October 1974

After one 6105 got lost in the mail, I patiently waited to see if another comes around. True enough, after a few months, a UK collector was selling away his vintage divers collection, many of which are mint pre-owned new old stock. I managed to buy an original mint (close to new old stock) 6105 from him. This baby is not cheap, setting me back by at least one grand.

But it is a beautiful piece, all original with even the QC blue sticker still intact! The factory brushed finishing is still crisp with sharp angles and curves.

The 6105 adopts the "push-turn-lock" crown to keep the water out. In those days, this system providesd the required water tightness. There is no screw threads to wear out. The user pulls out the crown, sets the time, push it back it and turn to lock. Most 6105s in the resale market have their small steel studs (shown above) already worn off or broken.
After inspecting with a loupe, I can still see the steel stub there, so I'm glad my 6105 still had this mechanism in perfect work condition even after 30+ years. But I won't wear her close to water for sure!

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