Saturday, February 13, 2010

An Early Seiko Dive Computer

The watchmaker showed me this worn early Seiko Dive Computer (Caliber M705-5A10).
A search on SCWF revealed a post by Shawn:
"M705 released in 1990 (M705-5A10, M705-5A1A)
Another model from 1990 is the M705. It is not as large. It seems to store 20 dives instead of 30 and this seems to be an 80m dive table version instead of 99.9m like the M726 and M725. I can find no reference to a different cased "M706" version.
Our favourite Genius regarding Seiko design again offers some information in his museum:
This watch is the reasonable price model of the world's first dive computer watch which is inputted the dive table of non-decompressed diving of the U.S. Navy, and measures not only the present depth of water and diving time but also the surface interval time, and calculate and display the non-decompressed diving information on next diving at the time of repetitive diving. Moreover, log data is recorded by 20 times and it is useful also to diving management. The case is made of stainless steel and a black colored bezel is marked the information to operate this dive computer watch."


Anonymous said...

i have four of these watches in my family who are all divers---two have the yellow dial and two have the black dial----all watches still working and still being worn---not very useful as a dive computer as it calculates the dive depths at the deepest depth---still a great watch

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