Sunday, May 17, 2009

Recent "Acquisitions" though not mine

Recently, I bought these two watches. Unfortunately, they were neither for my own use nor for my collection.
The first is a JDM (Japan Domestic Model) Seiko. This is a Seiko Kinetic 200m Scuba Diver 5M63. I ordered it from Chino Watch Japan as a gift for a friend. It is made of Titanium and has a beautiful grey-dusted effect dial. My friend intended to use her for sporting activities and Titanium's light-weight and hypoallergenic nature makes her a suitable watch on a sweaty wrist!

Next up is a Seiko 7A38 Quartz Chronograph. This watch needs no introduction as she is Seiko's first quartz analog movement. An overseas 7A38 collector has requested a hunt for this watch and I managed to source one for him at a price beneficial to both of us.
Even after approx. 20 years, the gold plating dazzles in daylight, evident of Seiko's early fine quality of her timepieces. This 7A38 is a fully Made In Japan example. These days, modern Seikos use Japan movements but the watches are assembled in Asia. Truly a collector's item!

Take a look at the full metal quartz components. This is a 15-jewel quartz movement. Quartz watches nowadays have zero jewel count and consist of 90% plastic parts. Indeed a testimony of the finest early Seiko Quartz!

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