Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Day Trip to SEIKO Service Centre

My wife's Kinetic 5M43 is losing its power reserve and since it is still under Thong Sia's 1-year warranty, I decided to visit the Seiko service centre during my lunch hour.

The main facade of Thong Sia Co, the sole distributor for Seiko and Alba in Singapore. It is located at Bideford Road, facing Paragon Shopping Centre.

Take the lift to Level 4 and be amazed by the see-through service department.

After I sent in the watch for servicing (to be ready in a week's time), I went down back to Level 1. There are just so many Seiko wristwatches and clocks! Even Alba has a stronghold here!

"Grand Seiko" counter. Nice to see, expensive to score!

"Seiko Spring Drive" counter.

An interesting handmade clockwork mechanism known as "Decor".

More wall clocks!
I enjoyed this short visit and I apologise for the "quick & dirty" shots taken on my mobile phone. I look forward to collecting my wife's Kinetic when it is done and also to have a closer look (in a rush so did not ask for them to be taken out from the display cabinet) at the Grand Seiko and Spring Drive collections.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow! awesome !

just look at the number of wall clocks !

definitely light years ahead of Thong Sia HQ in KL that i've been recently that was just a single lot office suite