Monday, August 11, 2008

What do I have in my drawers?

I am no watchmaker, but simple tools like these enable me to size bracelets and change leather staps. I have yet to progress to "opening a watch case" but I think I should pick it up soon. It is simply wonderful to peep into the intricate movements, and I will have more subjects to photograph too!
Can you see a 20x loupe in the picture below?
I rely HEAVILY on her when I shop for NOS or pre-owned vintages. This loupe surfaces the most minor flaw un-noticed by the naked eye. With her, I spotted a faint stain on an ORIS dial and a cracked lume material on the minte hand of another ORIS! Save me from wrong purchases! All watch hobbyists must have this valuable tool.
Here is a box that I used to store straps and bracelets. There is an old blue Seiko plastic watch box too! Beside it is a box to keep hangtags (I insist on them everytime I buy a watch!), manuals, warranty cards, receipts, repair chits etc.

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