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CITIZEN Watch Co. Ltd. Japan

CITIZEN Watch Co. Ltd. in Brief

  • Came Yamazaki that still became a sponsor at Cou clock factory became citizen's antecedent opened the clock precious metals and the Yamazaki shop in Tokyo and Ginza in 1892.
  • Cou clock factory was still founded in the tomb of the drinker ..under Tokyo Prefecture at that time.. in 1918 in addition.
  • The machine technical book was bought from Switzerland, the horology school that taught the processing technology and the theory established Naocounaocoucou, and the engineer's training began. This is said that it made the horology school of L Roccl a standard.
  • 38.1milli in the outside diameter, so-called ten size pocket watch, was completed in 1924 after six years establishment, and Goto new flat who was a Tokyo mayor at that time named a pet name "Citizen".
  • Luwel hertz type special screw of not compatible was used, and the day difference took pride in accuracy of 20 seconds with the Switzerland and United States products to buy parts from the manufacturing origin for this clock when repairing.
  • Came Yamazaki is invited to the chairman in 1930 and Saburo of Azca Nakashima is invited as the president of a company, and Naocounaocoucou becomes Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. and starts afresh.
  • Afterwards, it renamed from 1938 to 1948 to Dainichi this clock Ltd. by the national policy on the age of the war and a part in the munition industry was played.
  • The clock production for the general market has already begun in 1945 after the war.
  • Wristwatch with the impact device of the first domestic production and "Parashocc" are put on the market in 1956.
  • Introduction of spring that doesn't cut and "Finoccs" that doesn't rust in the same year.
  • Complete waterproof wristwatch of the first domestic production and "Parauortar" are put on the market in 1959.
  • A real, electronic wristwatch and "X-8" of the first domestic production are put on the market in 1966.
  • It was the epoch-making one that this clock kept being greatly good the time accuracy because the adoption and the spring type and the difference supply energy were kept constant, too and work for the movable magnet type temp motor by the transistor drive for one year.
  • The citizen puts an analog Quarts wristwatch on the market a little delaying in 1973 and a digital Quarts wristwatch with 5.5 digit day and a day of the week is put on the market in 1974 in December, 1969 though it put on the market at the same time as Seiko's announcing the first Quarts wristwatch in the world.
  • The difference plus or minus and 3000 super-highly accurate, analog quartz clocks are put on the market by the limitation for three seconds in the first year in the world in 1975.
  • It can be said the citizen of the technology though it is made to do because it is 1978 that Seiko put difference Quarts of year of year of the difference plus or minus of five seconds on the market.
  • battery..rechargeable..domestic the first time..movement..thickness..milli..wall..break..milli..movement..equipped with..Gold..put on the market..Seiko..defeat..epoch..making..clock..make..citizen.
  • It takes pride in clock production world 1(They are 300 million production a year) as shown in the name of "Citizens" in the world now.
(Extracted from Hokkaido Wrist Watch Museum website)

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